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The Knight of Light Gallery is a Photojournalism of Life. 
Serving  Austin Texas and the World.                                                                                                   

   This Site is just getting started as I prepare for our 2020 Grand Opening, in association with two other Knight of Light Productions:  "My Gift of Words" & "For Those Who Read", both .com sites.  Yet, this site is destine to be a great place to visit, to see and hear some real history with heart warming images, stories and poetic harmonies.  Still, the majority of the writings will be at the other two sites.  Knight of Light Gallery host nearly 900 images.   Please check back often for updates. 
It is my goal
to provide a  “Grand Service Site”
worth visiting for all age groups in your family. †  
.  .  .  And I hope you enjoy the music  .  .  .

The idea of "selling" my work does not seem as Charitable as I desire. So, your Contribution to help me remain as a provider is Highly Appreciated.
Thank You & God Bless.

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