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Rare Lewis & Clark Book

The sale price of this book has not been set, as this add is still incomplete.  There is much yet to be written of this book at the end of this page.  It will arrive with a commentary in testimony form of it's discovery and the many doors of which it has opened for possessing it. 


An associate book collector once told me that because of the impressions of inking in these pages it could have been of the first 100 lot.   The covers are 3/4 leather with trims of gold.  Some natural wear and foxing with slightly rubbed corners.   Other than that, the book is solid and exceptional in all other areas.  This book is in deed a very rare find.  Only a few of these books exist and no one is showing a better copy.


                                                  . . .  Not one page is missing  . . .


This book is always handled with inspector cotton gloves & never opened more than a 90 degree angle, with the exception of the above photo to illustrate the sound condition of it's binding.  I don't have to do that with this book, but I like the safe practice.  
The binding of a book is like a spinal cord to the body, and this one is amazing . . .
Notice the words printed within the binding  (sun, consult, Prepaid).   As a point of interest here,  in the early days of printing books it was common to use whatever extra paper handy to makeup the hidden side or undercover sheet beneath a decorative board, just to save money.   One of the oldest maps in the world was actually discovered like this as "extra paper" when it was taken apart.    In the binding of my book here  are many words,  but I'm sure I won't be tearing this one apart to see them . . .


This inscription is found on the first leaf.   There are no other markings elsewhere.

Soon I will disclose my past search records of the few remaining books similar to this one (1808).    In the 70's this book sold for $1000 and currently around  $10,500.  American (Literary) Antiquities are maturing in value at a very rapid rate. 
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