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Rare Buffalo Bill Photo

Rare 1891 photo of "Buffalo Bill & the Indian Chiefs" 
            Print     $  60.00             24"  x   19"                    
         Framed   $250.00         29 1/2"  x  24 1/2
         Framed print for Austin Residents Only.    I do not mail glass.

This photograph is in great condition.   Notice the names listed in the foreground.   I've enlarged a few segments of this print to show you the quality and just how interesting it is.




 I found this print in the basement of one of the oldest photo shops in Wyoming about 15 years ago.  It was the last one available so I bought it.   I  found out later that the photo I had was printed long ago from a negative (that was closer to the original), and the negative had deteriorated to a point of unsatisfactory condition.   Seeing how fortunate I was in having this print,  I digitized and enlarged it.   
Prints are available only in   24" x 19".
Barn wood framed prints are dry-mounted.  
Non-glare & Museum glass available.   * Austin Residents Only.

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