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The Control for the “Slide Show” for the photos below is just beneath the image.   Run your mouse over that area or click on the photo.   To return just X out.




  The image below is an old 35 mm. photo (Canon) that has been scanned.

     And here we have a few images with the old 10 megapixel,  by Canon


                                           Notice the eyelashes


   This is the world's smallest Parrot, the Pacific Parrotlet.   Referred to as a Pocket Parrot
               His name is Alf (or Alfy) which is short for Sir Alfred Lord Tennyson.
  Who once wrote,  "T'is better to have flown than not, than never to have flown  . . . at all"
                                                  . . .  Something like that  . . .


   These next photos are with the new 18 million megapixel Canon 60 D
    Not only can you see the difference, but you can almost feel it as well.




                                                    This is Alf's Brother (In-law)   Mini Me







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