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Hand Crafted Cross

Needle Art by Jacquelyn Werchan,    Manor, Tex.         (512) 971-4422
Size of cross is 10" tall in a beautiful wood frame, museum glass    $200.00

                           Closeup View



We see less and and less of the art of the Weavers Hand in our world today.   And that generation that can still remember their mother making the children's cloths seems scarce.  The Seamstress Hand that passes from generation to generation in the home appears as broken as the many marriages so many children feel the effects of.  So, when we find a garment made so delicate with the life skills in patience that it took to make it, we search a little deeper for the meaning of what it represents and how to regain once more those treasured gifts into the home.

To be clothed in the finest garments,
keeping you safe through the winter storm,
As a veil from the Sun's relenting heat
in the freshest summer breeze,
Are all a treasured gift in waiting
When the eyes of your heart begin to see.

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