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Delicious Pics

             B.L.T. with Honey-cured Ham & Buttermilk Bread

                         The Destination  . . . of great Fruit

    Organic Spinach Salad with Almond & Apple slices topped with
                   Bacon Bits & Creamy Poppy-seed Dressing

                   Yes . . . It does TASTE as good as it LOOKS

A light trace of Re-fried Bean on Whole Wheat Flour Tortilla with Onion,
diced Red Potato, Chicken Breast with mixed Cheeses & Garlic Seasoning

      All ingredients are sizzled to perfection in Virgin Olive Oil

               Mushroom, Onion, Sausage & Seasoned Rice

  (The only place this Sausage is made in the States is in Hallettsville, Texas)

                         Shrimp Gumbo and Green Beans

                                          Vitamin Rich . . . Naturally

                                          15 Bean Soup

                                           It makes a better picture than it does a meal

                    A freshly cooked Purple Onion, stir-fried in
                   Virgin Olive Oil, is almost a meal in it's self

     Sprinkled with "Southwest Chipotle - Salt Free" Seasoning
                            Thanks to you  Miss Dash

   Smoked Sea Food Platter with Bacon, Fish, Shrimp & Scallops
                        Smoked with Mesquit & Pecan



                                  Smoked Sea Scallops

Beyond Words

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